Glass processing

Glass Cutting

CNC glass cutting table:

  • glass thickness 3-19mm
  • maximum dimension of pane 3710x2600mm
  • ability to read shape from a template made of any material.

Edge processing

Machining center ALPA 315-4N:

  • C-edge and trapeze
  • thickness of pane 3-19mm
  • maximum dimension of pane: 1500x3000mm


Horizontal washer MS-1:

  • washing after machining processes
  • maximum width of the glass: 1200mm
  • maximum length : 2600
  • minimum dimension of pane: 200x200mm

Hole drilling

Horizontal drill WD-1:

  • drilling holes in glass of any thickness
  • diameter of drilling Ø3-70mm
  • maximum position of drilling against the pane edge: 500mm
  • minimum position of drilling against the pane edge: 5mm